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Say Hello to SO​CIAL

Your solution to authentic content ​without the stress.

Social media content ​creation for weddings ​and small businesses.

The House of Social is here to capture the not-so-​staged, organic moments curated specifically for ​social media.

The Wedding Collection

Tie the Knot

4 Hour Wedding Coverage

2 Instagram Reels/TikToks

5 Highlight Images

Shared Gallery with 100s of images ​and videos


Forever & Always

6 Hour Wedding Coverage

3 Instagram Reels/TikToks

10 Highlight Images

Shared Gallery with over 300 images ​and videos


In the Name of Love

9 Hour Wedding Coverage

5 Instagram Reels/TikToks

15 Highlight Images

Shared Gallery with 500+ images ​and videos


Common Questions:

The Wedding ​Collection

Ho​w do we schedule the hours of coverage?

Our team will have an initial call with you to ​determine the best schedule for our services in ​you​r wedding timeline.

Is​ there a deposit to reserve my date?

Yes, there is a 50% non-refundable deposit due ​at​ booking.

How are you different from a professional ​photog​rapher/videographer?

Each member of your wedding teams fulfills a ​specific role, and while the pros are there to get ​the high quality shots that will hang on the ​walls of your home, we’re there to cap​ture content specifically ​for socials.

What are photos & videos shot on?

All content is captured on an iPhone 14 Pro, or ​newer, with videos at 4k resolution.

Ca​n I add-on pre or post-wedding events?

Yes, we know how much goes into planning ​your entire wedding weekend & you want to ​capture it all! You can add additional hours o​f service in the booking process as an “add-on”​.


Content creation for successful entrepreneurs who need consistent, high-quality, and affordable content to maintain a social ​presence & get more clients. We get it - remembering to take b-roll footage and scheduling time for DIY content is a hassle.

With a membership to the Content Club you can expect 50-60 images and/or short form video every month that is tailored to you.

We find a new space for shoots every month so all you have to do is select your 2 or 3 outfits & bring along any props.

The Content Club

premier Membership

1 shoot per month

1 hour each shoot

Up to 3 Outfits

50-60 raw images and/or videos following shoot

Content made specifically for social media.

Unused Shoots roll over to the next month.

$169 / mon​th

6 month committment

New Client Special

$139 for Initial Session

New clients only!


$199 / session​

Drop into any of our content club shoot days, without any ​committment.

Need us to come to you?

Starting at $199 for a 1 hour session

House of Social

At the core of House of Social’s mission are values deeply ​rooted in authenticity, creativity, and relatability.

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